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Black Haze
It talks about the psychic phenomenon which happened about one year after becoming a working society. I was originally a so-called "visible" man. It was pretext at the time whole in high school and the university age, and the assault and the ruins were repeated frequently. It was decided to become a social person, and to find employment in the company in Tokyo, and to have kejime to such a student feeling flatly, and to have a hobby which was able to be shared willingly with others. It was decided to look around the property which had educated beforehand with mother to look for the room in Tokyo immediately. In the 23 wards of the month, it was a little over ten years ago, with a bath toilet in 1k, and I found quite a good property with a veranda. There were other candidates, but the real estate company said, "This is the only good property I have never seen." It was likely not to be an accident property, and the mother decided to borrow the room with consent, and the contract was signed before it was taken by others.
The move also ended without a hitch, I tried to find a new hobby from the time when the work was calmed down to various things. In it, I fitted on the cooking, the camera and the guitar, the psychic experience of the student age, and the time has already become a memory of the past in me. Instead, my life was really scraped as a price that put my hand on various hobbies. Because it was a principle which did not spare money for the hobby which had originally fitted, the limit of the card which had it was a state which always used it to the limit barely. Of course, I couldn't say that to my parents, but I had to send them money for a reason. It was a little over a year after that life lasted. Even if a new employee came in and became a senior, the household was a car of the fire. I don't want to drop my life level, but I don't have money. I think that there was a feeling that it was said that it was likely to become it from the young when it was still student's feeling at this time when thinking now. I think it has been over two years since I finally experienced the psychic phenomenon, but it suddenly came.
I thought it was about two or three o'clock at midnight, but I woke up suddenly and realized that I was tied. The knack of the way of getting out was gripped because the tied itself had experienced as being honest unpleasant. It was almost liberating if it put power in one point (the arm or the head or anywhere) when moving to the tied in the lack of sleep. However, there was no clear method of lifting a so-called spiritual event at stake in the tied. It was often the case that it was able to be solved at the moment when it thought that it was terrible and was scary as dying. This tied was unquestionably the latter.
Because I could not even move my neck with a promise in this case, I think that I was trying hard to grasp the current situation by relying on the sound heard from my ears after moving my eyes.Then I heard the sound of someone walking up the hallway up the stairs. No, I think that it felt intuitively that the sign of something exactly came up to the front of the door of my room. I have noticed that this is the same kind of phenomenon that I have experienced so badly in my student days. I've already graduated from ghosts and monsters like that. There was no time to think about it, and suddenly the sign was trying to open the door wildly. I felt that I had to turn the key door knob profusely, and I could not solve it in the tied, and the heart had to be beating fast. Then, the sound which tried to open the door stopped, and at the same time, the sign entered the door and it felt to come to the front of my bedroom which separated one door. It noticed that the sliding door was open about 5cm when the only moving eyes were done to the door at that time.
There was no such thing as the for which had taken a long time to be honest occult love, and it did not come in just coming in, and it was frightened earnestly while praying not to be able to come in.And when I was not able to keep my eyes off the sliding door, something like a black haze of a person type opened the door and had seen it in a decent way. It came into my room, and I stopped there. It was understood only that it stood at my feet and stared here though it was not understood at all because the face was not understood because it was a man or a woman. The sign soon toward the glass door of the veranda and went out as it is. I tried to see the sliding door separating the kitchen and the bedroom while causing the body which became soaked by the sweat. The sliding door was just like the first time I saw a gap of about 5cm open. "The ghost is a staple whether it comes in from such a little gap though it is often a special number or it is, and it is not harm, and it is hiding to the bed again by regaining the slack in an instant.
I was going to wake up again soon after that when I decided to sleep by the conclusion that it was a dream or something. The situation is the same as before, and it is understood that the sign of something clearly walks up the stairs and the corridor. And the same to hear the sound that tries to open the doorknob wildly. It was full of feelings of waking up early even if it was an honest dream when coming here. Is it true that you crossed your head for a moment, and this time you harm pass by? It was. Are you just staring at me? What if you see the black haze? Such my thinking is Sotchinoke, and the mystery haze has entered the bedroom still of the person type. The gap of 5cm, which was open when I woke up earlier, the gap of the sliding door was still open as the last time as a result of the glance only in the tied, too, and the memory was not clear whether it had been left or closed. It had invaded the room, and it stopped walking at the foot of me still sleeping in the bed. And then I can't tell my eyes, I noticed that something like black haze is taking the form of a person clearer than last time.
She has a long hair. The face is not clear although it is a woman who stretched black hair to waist. The woman who was staring at me who was completely frightened suddenly gripped my ankle and loose and started shaking me every bed. Gold...... Return, return, Money...! I was able to hear such a word clearly, but honestly, I was desperate to escape from tied while I was crying for a good year without fragments of feelings other than fear. At that time, the power suddenly entered, and the upper body was able to be caused by a tremendous momentum. I noticed that there was no one in the room when I rolled down from the bed, and at the moment I raised my face to escape from the woman anyway. When I saw the sliding door, the gap of about 5cm still remained open. I closed the door many times and confirmed that the gaps were not open, and I tried to Sari the bed again. But I felt a chill at the moment. When I looked in the room again, the glass door to the veranda had a slight gap and was open. I who did not remember forgetting the lock as it was, it wore the futon from the head while tending the teeth without exaggeration, and slept.
As a result, the woman did not show up again that night. In the morning, when I tried to get up from the bed, I felt the pain that twisted my ankle, but I could not confirm the birthmark or anything like that.However, I only had the certainty that last night was not a dream, but it was definitely a phenomenon that actually happened. After that, I was sure to confirm that the door of the bedroom was completely closed before going to bed. I think it was probably the next day when I realized that I had borrowed money from my parents, using my hobbies and playing money.
When the life situation was renewed, and the spirit phenomenon which was not a dream was begun to forget gradually, this story was talked to parents, sister, aunt Cousin who had come to play in Tokyo. My sister said, "Why does your brother say that?" No, stay at the hotel with aunt-chan! The father of the ghost Denial sect was argues, and it was decided to stay in my room reluctantly though it was kneaded. Oppositely, cousin had liked such a story for a long time, and was taken to the aunt while resisting to the last to stay wanting to stay, and returned.My father had a good look at the corpse, "I've never seen ghosts like this work for decades. I saw a psychic photograph and many, but it was unbelievable at all, "boasted.
After that, when I came home at New Year's, I heard that I was year (and misfortune) that year. It was not known whether it was related to seeing the ghost, but mother greatly cared about it, and bought the bill of charm.It seems to have to be pasted to the entrance in the direction that was decided, and it came back to the house immediately, and I remember that there was no way that it seemed to depend on something tremendously in the bill of 1000 yen a decent. It has been living in the same room for a long time, but it is no longer to meet such a psychic phenomenon again. Even now, I do not know the true nature of that spirit, but it is also true that I can afford to live from that.
Voice of Commotion
When I went out with a mother and a car in the old days when I saw the story above, I suddenly talked about it when I was going to go on a sports day somewhere. I was just wondering, "How about you?" I was answering the night of the day when relatives gathered at Grandma's house. But when I came here today, I heard a lot of people clamoring for a wartsu. I wonder if it was... and mom told everyone about it, but now it's summer vacation. The place where the athletic meet is done is near the elementary school. Of course, there are no athletic events in the school (or rather, because I was going to go to the schools, and parents would know if there were any occasions). My mother is quite worried about her. It's funny, "So I repeat, I've heard a lot of stories. Mother says that when I went to the side of a little hill on the way to the grandmother's head at once, many people yow! I heard a loud voice, and that day, I didn't hear that there were any events where people would gather, and I thought it was funny because it was just a cry of feeling not a voice.
There was no idea that the people of relatives also had an event, and when I twisted my neck, my grandmother was usually silent and "," the train was going to go around there. There was a time when people rode and ran Soga at that time. The train is Rengo at the time of the slope because the person is full of the window and hold to various places, and it is a climb.I started to go down on the way, and when people were jumping and pushing and falling, many people died. "Grandma in the past, the train has been able to withstand the weight of the passenger and reverse the mountain. When some of the passengers who were panicked fell and died, the mother who heard it was likely to panic at that time. Voice of the passengers well, I think you know this inkling, but the day was Obon, so grandma didn't say anything. The relatives who were there also pulled a little bit to open the day and the parents all went home and I cousin I was going to play with everyone, so I stayed at my grandmother's, so I went into the futon and Dondon to the entrance! I have something to bump into. Did you ever forget someone? If you try to head to the front door, Grandma said, "Boar has come...If you are bitten, you will never get out of danger. I'm going to get out of there, and I'm going to go see it. I tried to think that the wild boar, which had a lot of things in the hallway like a bill, would only have sand on his nose or paw, but it was my mother. It was only at the entrance that I went to when Chan was leaving, and there was no other place, and there was no grandma anymore, and now I don't know if it's true or not, but I'm still horrified by what was going on outside that time. The place is the story of Hayato town in Kagoshima
It is no secret that I desperately looked for a train accident near Hayato town.
I've been looking at it a few years ago, but I didn't know about the prewar days, so I'm talking about the Famima of the road going down from Kagoshima Airport to Kokubu City. I do not know whether the iron Otasle, but I'm thinking now I'm going to ask you, I'll check with my self-fullness even when Surech is free. Thanks for the people who saw me, Mutchon Chong.
Deserted Inn Mirror
It becomes long story when staying at the inn in the Kofu district, so please go through the dislike of a longer. When she and I started to get a little bit of a year, I thought it was time to take a trip by train. It was a trip of the feeling that it did not decide the destination in particular, and the place where it stayed in a rambling travel feeling suitably secured. On the first day, I went to the Yamanashi area and stayed at the hotel in Kiyosato. The next day, I left the hotel and headed for Mt. Fuji by train. We got off at Kofu station and saw the castle ruins and went to Shizuoka to get to the train again near the evening. Because I found a hot spring town on the way, I searched for the inn of the day and made a train and called for the Inn in the Guide board at the station. The nearby inn and the hotel were full, so I called the Inn a little bit away from the hot-spring town to check the vacancy and came to pick it up. The people of the pick-up did not come even after 30 minutes, and arrived in a light wagon an hour later. At this point a little disagreeable feeling (not a spiritual meaning, but a failure. I took a ride in the car without saying anything before I had come to pick it up. The car leer a beautiful hotel and the inn for a long time, to the mountain. Anxiety increased further in the surroundings where there was only a river.
After all, the inn which arrived is tattered and there is no shop around. The area is already dark, and it really looks like ruins. It is good to arrive at the inn, but the landlady does not greet, and the Nakai does not come. The uncle who has been driving is a settlement to the room guide. When you tell me only the time of the meal, the uncle is immediately somewhere. The guest seemed to be there, and the next two rooms were buried. I had time to eat, so I decided to take a bath first. But when we arrived at the bathroom, there was only one bath, and the use of women and men was separated by time. Because the time zone was a woman's use time, she only had to go ahead. I was dozed Kotatsu in the room because I was tired. Then suddenly tied after a while. There is a feeling that something is creeping up slowly from the foot which had been put in the Kotatsu, but it is not able to get stuck at all. The sound of Zuzuzu begins to be heard in the ear, and eyes are not opened by the feeling that someone is pushing the skin on the eyeball even to open the eyelid. The sound which drags something called Zuzuzu of the ear is approaching, and the breathing of the person is heard in the Zuzuzu mixed. Zuzuzu, huh. Zuzuzu, huh. The sound of feeling that someone is carrying something in a constant rhythm of breathing. and "Taskete." Taskete. Mutter voice that sounds small. I feel like something is creeping up from my feet.
At that time, the fusuma of the entrance opened and she came back. At the same time, tied was solved. I was sweating quite a bit and my breath was getting rough. , she was worried, but didn't want to worry too much, and I wanted to reassure myself, so I got ready to go to the bath just to see a strange dream. However, the use time of the man is to eat the meal ahead because it overlaps with the time to bring the meal. Bad this meal, bad thing. If you go to the bathroom after eating, there is no one monopoly. It is lukewarm when the foot is put in the bathtub though it is thought that no one is swim in a good thing in the bathroom. Too much paint. Therefore, it becomes cold without keep at all even if entering the bathtub. On the way to the changing room while frustrated, someone tapped from the window "plugging". I see the window as a wince, but the outside is dark and nothing is seen. It recalled the tied of the earlier, and it tried to open the door of the changing room so that the fear suddenly boiled and ran out. At that moment, "Concord" and again someone taps the window. Concord, Concord and two degrees three degrees and come banging repeatedly. When I turned my eyes to the window to see something, I heard a Concord (Zuzuzu) Concord and a sound that dragged something. Therefore, it went to the changing room immediately, and the body was not wiped and the yukata came and it fled to the room. Returning to her room, she said, "It's like a haunted house," and laughing to soothe me, "Tareyo, tired." I'll buy you a warm thing, "he said. I was afraid that she was embarrassed to see such an abomination and waited in a complex mood.
After a while she brought me cocoa, so I drank it out of the top of the closet and went to bed early. The bed was very clean. Because they were tired, they soon went to sleep. But suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night screaming from the side room. When she and two of us are listening to what happened, I hear a guest in the room next to the corridor. It is wah in the hallway while saying two female guests. I went out to the hallway to complain about what I was thinking in the middle of the night and the sleep was disturbed. I was surprised that I went out into the hallway, and the female guest cried "Careau" while crying. To the voice, she came out to the hallway. They are trembling jerky while crying, and they are in a state of madness when they are alone. Indeed, without getting angry, "what happened?" I hear it and tremble only. They refuse to call their rooms and shake their necks. The state continued for a while, but they gradually settled down. But what happened? I don't answer that question. However, there seemed to be something in their room, only to see that direction. Was。 I feel. Because I thought that something suspicious had come out, I returned to my room, and tried to enter their room with a broom that was at the entrance, "Oh, and you should stop. You will be able to pull the clothes off. "Oh, no, it's okay. If there is something, I will run away soon. He said, "I headed inside. The inside is lit, and it overlooks the entire room from the entrance. Nothing has changed, nobody. When I tried to return to the hallway, I heard a Zuzuzu Zuzuzu from the entrance. When I rushed into the hallway, I thought someone was in the closet next to the entrance.
Immediately defensive in front of the door of the room, "Hey, come on out. shouted. Then, the male guest came out from the room on the side, and the female guest heard the Scream. The men told the women to go to call their employees if they could tell the situation to a male customer and maybe someone was hiding in the closet next to the entrance of the room. The male guest said, "Please cover me because I go inside. He brought a broom from his room. First, open the door and overlook the room. Nobody is there. Next, I stood in front of the door of the horizontal closet and prepared to open it. At that time, Don!! Don! It sounded from the closet, and the Fusuma began to open gradually with the sound of Zuzuzu and Zuzuzu. Fusuma slowly opened and began to see something that seemed to be part of a person's body with the sound that dragged anything from the Fusuma. When the hand came out between the Fusuma, the male guest closed the Fusuma, and the other hand was sandwiched. But the Lord of the hand says nothing. On the contrary, the hand which was sandwiched with Zuzuzu comes out. Without promptly, the male guest beats the hand which has come out in the part of the handle of the broom. But the other party says nothing. I felt like I was in a warm, and I tucked my hand in a broom.
At that moment, the window of the back was knocked up pounding pounding, and a strange voice was heard, and the window glass turned into a state like the mirror (because the outside was pitch black), and the appearance of the room was reflected. I'm standing with a broom. The male patrons standing beside them have the same broom. The room is the same. However, the closet which is reflected in the window glass is open, and the one which seems to be a deformed person in the upper part of the closet sees the Shi here. The closet of the room is opened when turning to the closet immediately without knowing what is what for a moment. There is no one there. Male customers seem to have seen the same kyoton. The window is only reflecting the appearance of the room though neither seeing the window glass again. There is no strange person in the previous place. After about 30 seconds, they came back with an employee woman. The male guest and I didn't know what to explain, but I told them what was happening. Women said, "No, No. Home。 It cries, and the employee does not separate "such a thing, and there is never ever such a thing" persisted. A male guest said, "I'm sure it was. What was that? I will ask. Did she really see? Not a mistake? It is uneasy. I don't know whether I really saw it or not. However, there is a feeling of the hand when the broom is beaten. The same is true of male customers, "it's not supposed to be a mistake. It says.
Employees "do not like that at this inn! The room was clean. There is nothing there. Only the futon is in the lower part of the closet. "No one is there, just a mistake. Employees say in an intimidating manner. However, when turning around, "Hittin'" and landed the voice of surprise. I didn't know what was going on, the direction the employee looked at, the window, and nothing reflected. Again, an employee who runs away from the closet and escapes into the hallway. All the guests who do not know what is. "What is it?" What's happening? "Under the closet," he says. A male visitor immediately enters the room, and there is a futon in the bottom of the closet. Even if the fusuma of the other side is opened and checked, there is still a futon. "What is it?" Nothing. At the moment when all six people said, the window was Concord, and Concord was beaten. They look at the window in unison The room is reflected in the window. The number of people is six. The window also reflects the employees sitting in the hallway. Women are also reflected. I'm seeing her, and she's a male guest.However, there is another face which is sandwiched between the futon and the futon.I don't know whether it is a man or a woman, but there is something that looks like a face. The male customer immediately checks away from the closet. The appearance is reflected in the window. But the eyes of other people, including me, are glued to the closet in the window. It seems to twist the body feel the face to come out while putting out the sound with the Zuzuzu Zuzuzu. Huh and breathing also sound between Zuzuzu Zuzuzu. The male guest is back to flee from there. Zuzuzu and face come out as you chase it. Then she seemed to feel uncomfortable. Said to the male customer.
Although it is difficult to express a little, the mirror usually reflects back and forth. In a word, the back of the male guest is enlarged to the window if the male guest back behind. As the face approaches, the face becomes large and it is reflected. But what she noticed in a word seems to come out of the window rather than say that her face is coming out of the futon. While the back of the man is large, but there is no three-dimensional feeling, the face comes out if you come out, it increases the three-dimensional feeling. To the male customers, "Get away! It ran away to here immediately when saying. The face stinking from the futon fast and comes out. The sound of Zuzuzu Zuzuzu is heard from the closet beside the entrance, but the face comes out from the window three-dimensional. At the same time, the one that it was a face gradually begins to see clearly. I thought it was my face, but a strange thing came out of the window to make me wonder whether or not I was right. It was a lump of pale pink which was drenched. The body was drenched, and the lump like the face feel it. The sound that came out at that time was Zuzuzu. Because there is a recess in the position of the eyeball and the mouth which hangs to the place of the person's eyes, it is not understood what is actually coming out from the futon only because it looks at the person's face. The female customers who had gone insane until now have not understood what is happening, and are just stunned. At that moment, I heard a voice from behind. And at the same time, a lump like the face is "ah ah ah oh oh ah ah oh ah oh ah ah oh" I was raised screaming like an animal cry and crawling while moving toward the outside of the window crawling around at a great speed
I don't know what really happened or what was going on. A situation in which everyone is not able to emanating and understand. Since the time has begun to feel cold, the male guest is "why not go to the lobby or the front desk?" I headed to the lobby in front of the door, and the other employees rushed in to get the heating. I waited in silence until the morning while drinking a warm tea to have prepared the thing and the drape on the blanket. I was told by other employees that it was unbelievable to talk to a female employee. There is nothing to believe because six adults are trembling indeed. In the morning, the female guests told their employees that they wanted to get their luggage, "Why do they meet this?" What is this inn? I started to complain. A male guest and me and she talked a little and tried to sort out what happened. Is there a graveyard or shrine outside the window? When she asked her employees, she said, "the outside is a cliff, and there is a river just down. It was answered. Then, when talking to the employee about what happened in the bathroom, it was only the river outside the bathroom. I don't know what happened after all. The outside was getting brighter, so the employees brought breakfast and ate it. Because the female guest wanted to return immediately, it called the Taxi, and the inn was left with the luggage which had been taken. The male guest and me and she tried to get back into the room, but the fear still remained, and the other employees arrived. And I decided to have my luggage packed and sent to the station by car.
Male customers seemed to have come by car, and we parted and broke up. I got into the car and felt that there was something when I saw the direction of the river from the train window on my way to the station. But I could not see anything. Arrived at the station, The driver said, "I am really sorry, I am waiting for another opportunity." Will it go again? I tried various studies with her, but what if that lump was a spirit? Did you possess someone? Or was he at that inn? Who says "I helped" that I heard when I met the bondage? In the end I do not understand. I thought somehow, Although it may be only different depending on the room, The place of the futon was different in the upper and lower stages, When I asked a female employee I was rejected by desperation for desertification Does the ryokan know something? I also think so. I do not feel like going to ever again, The ryokan still runs in that spa town. I do not say the place, but there may be something about that. Just because it was a strange experience It is difficult, I do not really know anything. I think whether there are misspellings or departures in addition to long sentences. Also, since writing is done for the first time, the sentences may not be gathered. I'm sorry. Also, for me, because I did not get stylish, I worried about it with fear or faintness but here. This is the end of the story.
There is certainly a bad feeling just because there is no punch. It seems to be a thread that does not become fashionable after a long time. I was scared.
This is my story. The last school excursion in junior high school stopped at an inn in a certain prefecture. At that time, the junior high school that I attended was a local one of the mammoth schools with more than 600 students in the first year, and a banquet was held at a different ryokan in the boys and girls. On that day, the typhoon was very close, and I was able to call the repair shop where one window glass cracked in a flurry. Window side A I was determined to sleep in the room in four BC entrance like this. The buzzing in the room, the flowers bloom in the erotic scary story, time has passed quickly, so the teacher came to check in the patrol at bedtime. Of course, it was the time when it was past 1 o'clock at midnight that everyone slept. The TV got bored and everyone was tired and slept. In a strong rain sound, the sound and the call are mixed with the ground kicking and bouncing. Hey, hey, there you are, you know, the voice has been heard for many minutes. B: Are you awake? "C" sounds strange, doesn't it? I do not remember finely C in B, but only a little peek from the gap of the window with the curtain up from the futon three people were asleep without reacting. You're a carefree.
They turn the curtains slightly and peek around from the gaps. Three people felt a strain there. There is no hair, the shape of the eye is distorted, a part of the body is black, and the feature of the more is that my memory refuses, and I do not remember that there was a strong chill near my throat and neck..... who's neck is Guna bent Guget. laughed. The laughter of such a feeling that the voice of the man who often goes out in the special feature program of the crime and the police is changed Gotsu in the strange machine. It is not a thing that man can say naturally. I got scared and tightened the curtains and three of them dived into my futon. The laughter of Guget is stuck to the ear. I saw a swinging shaking on the veranda. This is the second-floor approach, not a joke. The existence of the mysterious sound of the window is strongly different from the impact of the flurry it was an angry and violent way of beating, and it usually swagger in the class, and a body of a was bothering the teacher, and a sweat was crying out from the forehead beside me, and this guy was really awake.
A is muttering something. I heard the voice in the room. It's not a Buddha. I don't do it anymore, I don't do that. I understand who brought this cause at the time. I'm a deranged man. I put B, C and a, and I get out of the room screaming first. There is no recollection of the destination, but I woke up in a different room. Three people were found to have fallen to the teacher in front of the room, and it seemed to have been helped. When the teacher went to the room, a sweat, a tear, a runny nose, and a dirty story, but the manure was discharged and it was fainting in the middle of the night. Because the person of the inn who was sent to the hospital by the ambulance reported, the police person came to hear variously, and I did not know what to answer. After all, the school trip ended without the enthusiastic. A was freaking out. I came to come to school sometimes, but I became silent and no one talked to anyone. The thing like B and C to avoid me from the old, and to gather by four people and play together disappeared.A did not come to school at once when it was early to leave early, and to become three semesters. After all, the graduation ceremony was not attended, and it became a high school student, and it had been dismantled when passing near a house by chance. I don't know the whereabouts of a. I don't know the ending. It's not a story, it's a real story.
Excuse me from my cell phone. When I was a kid, I had a friend who said K. K had a lot of beetles, but instead of collecting and rearing the adults, they grew from eggs and larvae. Breeding of beetles is unexpectedly difficult. There were a lot of guys who died in the larva and the chrysalis without growing up until becoming an adult because the young boy who had not especially the expert knowledge was indebted. … The idea of a child is horrible, isn't it? When going to the house of K one day, K stabbed chopsticks in the paper cup, and it mixes something. What the hell are you doing, I peered at his hand. The one that had been stirred in the paper cup was not grown!, and the chaotic in the dead Beetle paper cup, and the sound of stirring was still not forgotten.
What exactly was he mixing the Kabuto ... Oh
Write scary stories, scum.
In the nest
I've made a nest in the House condominium parking swallow nest parents abandon their children. And chicks lying down and scrambled for some reason. One feather still quacking frantically. Pick up birds going to consult a veterinary hospital in the neighborhood, and so on. Vinyl gloves and are looking for a small place rushed home, put the chick box have, running in the parking lot. Vinyl gloves, presumably to reach chicks not come. In trouble, turn the hands. Suddenly you see below. Hands over arms has hundreds of mites!!! zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo frantic. Pate and pry out the Bini, though down from the Chair. The ground is visible. Sandals is ticks of the tens of thousands of animals have swarmed teeming swarmed teeming wearing has been. Foot Dani!! zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo zozozozo results: trauma (still writes urticaria...) is still a chicks chicks deny (be-ω-') only went the following day chicks are little nest during Dani was cold. Where went that Dani?... Oh-to zovazova...
Oh, it's pretty cool.
You can do it! Ghost Voice Recording!
Seeing the old elementary school was attached to the "Mu" booklet, "so can you! Record ghost voices! ' That I post a fool, a fool he practiced that way. At that time no CD boombox with microphone, "is our spirit remains in the real world you have here tell me..." It was a simple method of recording blank cassette said. To darken the room and leave the room, Auto-reverse, 60 min. Aniki was studying in the room next door, but the way is not and was doing in secret thoughts. After 60 minutes, played in A side that not only that user. Oh yeah. Was the press head out. Anything if the quantity-sounds to it.
Churluchurulchur... half on the B-plane... Only fear was felt in the position of the fool of the elementary school child. I played back the rewind. "The user, (here is why the noise is completely clear)" Giggy (sound like the Iron door opens) Mom Stop (boy? Stop it, Mom (girl?) Help? Stop it! Two。 "The person who seems to be mom here counts things like documents) Shakashaka Shakashaka Shakashaka Shakashaka Shakashaka. Mom-Stop (children screaming) annulled the iron door closed again. Guigashan...... you have a...... A... Zar.
I turned to the room next to Aniki's mischief. The Aniki was pale when the tape was heard. You? You were downstairs, right? (My room is upstairs) did you hear such a loud sound? Yes. It is recorded at an impossible volume. I tried to close the door of my room and experiment. No, No. The noise does not disappear... " A similar sound comes out, but the complaint comes out from the bag and is noisy. If you think about the multiple recordings of boys and girls. If they don't... How do you Kimeru this voice? At that time, the psychic record of the Princess off course is famous, and Aniki and I conclude that the discussion "Let's retire from cursed" was canceled. I still don't understand the meaning of that conversation. Don't listen to the spirit of the world in half. I'm sorry I didn't have a punch, but it's true.
I have a little memory of the time, but there is one thing I can remember very vividly. When I was in kindergarten, I was playing with a ghost girl. The child is sure to Ritsuko name. The first time I met was when I was playing alone in a vacant lawn in the back of the park where I lived. After I met her and played with her for a while, Ritsuko revealed to me that she was a ghost. I think it was a very rare kind of ghost when I thought about revealing my identity. Ritsuko was a very serious face, so I didn't see her lying. In fact, if you look well, you have no legs. I thought it was real. But I wasn't scared. When I was playing with Ritsuko, it was really fun and it was always a night. I felt that I was hard while I was a child to forget time.
Aside from being cursed by my Ritsuko, I was not a tired, and I was playing as a friend of a different kind every day. No secret to parents or friends. Because I felt it should be a secret. I think I was probably at the end of kindergarten senior. One day, I went to the vacant lot of the lawn, played until the night, and then I said, and then I was going to go home, and Ritsuko stall me to see me. To me suspicious, Ritsuko certainly said: "○ ○ (Me) is not a shin" because I did not understand the place where the word meant, and answered, yes for the time being, I left the vacant lot of the lawn. I haven't seen Ritsuko since then. It's gone. Without a trace. And just then I moved away from the vacant lawn. But, even now, I have never forgotten the Ritsuko.
Well, I'm depressed now. No, it's just that the doctor judged it right. I can't think of a cause for depression. It's not like I'm being bullied, my family is all good, and I don't feel too stressed because I'm so easygoing and honest. But I don't know why, but it's not fun to do anything. My favorite computer and anime are not fun at all. I feel like I'm forgetting even the feeling that it's already fun! Of course, I tried to commit suicide several times. But every time I get saved. It is possible to be saved by the guy who is absolutely going to die. Every time I think it's not fun, whenever I try to commit suicide, I remember Ritsuko. It was an unusual day. "○ ○-Kun is not a shin," and I was just about to get depressed, when I met Ritsuko.
> It's just when I met Ritsuko when I was suffering from depression, is it depression since kindergarten? That's great.
I'm sorry I did not have enough words It is around the end of the summer when I met Ritsuko, It means that I got depressed around the end of this summer. Smile on vocabulary poverty ...
Evil Vision
This is the story when I was 14 years old. During the winter vacation, my uncle in N Prefecture (even though he was still in his 30s) decided to go to the villa to play. It seems that she wanted to go with her, but she recently broke up and invited me. Because I had been getting along since I was a little, I was happy to go to play. My uncle lived in the same city as me, and in the early morning, my uncle came to pick me up in the car and left the car. My uncle was a very fashionable person, and I had a lot of fun, outdoors, music, etc., and I respected him. It was an eight-hour long journey by car, but it was really fun to talk in the car, listen to music, or blah a break on the way.Before long, I arrived near my destination and bought dinner ingredients at the supermarket. Then we climbed a pretty mountain path and went to the villa. It was not so big, but it was a stylish retreat of the wooden lodge. I can see two or three other villas in the land where I fell a little. The person was not coming.Dinner was a barbecue in the garden. It was usually cheap meat, but I feel delicious when I bake it with charcoal.The hormone, the seafood, and the vegetable were baked, and it ate really stuff. Rice even cooked in cooking and was the best dinner. After a meal, I went to a room with a fireplace and watched TV and played with PS3, Famicom and NES. I was shocked because it was a virgin at that time because the back video was shown.At midnight, the scary story was raised. My uncle was very good at this direction and was really scared. If you have a chance to write that story... It was muttered with Shing that it did not enter Shing Hillback like my uncle remembered it by chance. It seems that the local people seldom enter anything. It seems to be able to matsutake. It may not matter, but the president of the nearby Villa also said that he was nipples in hillback. No, I never entered it when I heard such a creepy thing, and I thought at that time. Such a thing, I play down until about five o'clock in the early morning, and finally each sleep.
I woke up in the sunlight plugging into my room.The time has already been around 12 o'clock. Remember the thirst and go drinking water on the ground floor.When I peek at my uncle's room on the way, snoring is still sleeping. It's cold but really pleasant morning. The air of the mountain is completely different from the city. Go back to your room, go out on the veranda, and sit in a chair. The view was exactly hillback. There was no other thing. It looked like a normal mountain.I recalled that there was a telescope in the room. I want to see the scenery of nature and bring the telescope to the veranda. There is only high performance, and it looks really beautiful even in a distant scenery. The town looked far away, but the surrounding mountains were moved to the birds requires by the trees.Did you take a peek at me for about 30 minutes? When I was looking at the trees of the hillback, there was something that moved into sight. People? Looked like. I can see my back.The head is slick. She is shaking the whole body. Local people? Dance? I have a sickle in my hand.However, the strange thing is to say naked though it is this midwinter. Such a festival? However, there is only one person. The thought was confusing, and various things came to mind. I can't see my face because I'm on my back. Seeing the movement, I remembered the Sankai juku. Shing don't look any more Shing and instinctively felt so. It might be a man, but a little Michelle. Feeling bad. But Curiosity has won.Maximize telescope zoom. The back of the head. The color is white. Get, and then, when who danced, it turned slowly. Perhaps, the shape of the face which seems to be man was made.There is a nose and a mouth. However, there is no eyebrows, and the eyes are only one in the place of the eyebrows. Vertically. The body trembled. The first one. A malformation of the people Who, the lens of the telescope was eye-aligned. The mouth is distorted. Laughing. Shing Wow I was screaming at the moment when Shing eyes were right. Tears do not stop.Anyway, I want to die. Feelings like the depression of an abnormal have attacked. I want to die. Running a room in frantic, and uncle came in to jump in.
"What happened!?" "Bakemon !!" "What?" "Telescope !! Backyard !!" My uncle looked into the telescope. "~~~~~~ ___" Raise the voice that does not make a voice, hold the head. I am crying while sneezing a runny nose. I heard the calm down feeling a little more than before. "What are they !!" "00 child ~ 00 child ~" My uncle cried while screaming her name, parted. I thought that it was awkward for drift, it was the first time I was born and thoughtful, I hit the person's face. My uncle who shakes the body in small increments. 10 seconds, 20 seconds ... My uncle has stared at me. "Erosion" "Okay?" "Okay, bring your sunglasses to my desk drawer so take care of yours" "Why (ry) "Bring it with you!" As I told you, I handed sunglasses to my uncle. My uncle wears sunglasses with trembling hands and looks into the telescope. For a while, I move the telescope. I'm groaning "Wow," and beckoning me. "Take a glasin and see it." Fearfully, wear sunglasses and look into it. While blurred over Glassan, eyes match eyes with Soits in the trees. An uneasy anxiety has also struck again, but it is not about the same as before. However, the beating of the heart abnormally quickly. Or say, it is not the place of a little while ago ... Soits is funny and strange dancing? It is moving while doing. Only looking at the eyes firmly towards here ... I am descending from the mountain! Is it? You surely have come here ...! Is it?
'00, do you go on leaving?' "What? At times like this ..." "If it comes out, there is a free PET bottle in the cafeteria, so please come and pray for it" As I said, my uncle went down to the first floor. I will not go out at such time, so if you are stunned A few minutes later my uncle came back to the PET bottle with yellow cane. "If you want to, please put it in this" And my uncle offered another empty plastic bottle to me. "No, so what is it?" "Things in the mountains ... Yamako ... I did not understand ... But when I was a kid, I often went camping with my father and mountains, Oh, that is not the back street there? Many strange things will happen in the mountains ... Even at night, people speak outside the tent, but no one. In such a case, Shibuya If you sow it, it stopped strangely ... " That's why my uncle looked into the telescope again. It seems that he is observing himself while groaning with a "grouch" bitternessly. "Hey, I do not know how many Km per hour, but I am moving slowly and slowly, but I can not see it ... Definitely, are not you heading for this lodge? " "Well, let's get back early by car." "Perhaps, it's in vain ... unless you devote our interests from us ... probably chasing you anywhere. This is a kind of curse. Writing as evil gaze, I read as ejaculation ... " "He was the one who said a little while ago ... but why are you so detailed?" "When I was working and staying in a certain city in the Northern Europe temporarily ... I'm sorry, I will tell you if we are saved" "If you can save it ... are you here until Atsu comes?" "Well, I'm going to pick you up."
I thought that it would be better for him to stay here absolutely, but my uncle's opinion Before coming to the lodge it was something to say that something was better. If I go to such a horrible guy, I thought that it was better to run away so much, My uncle was always a reliable person since long ago. I respect my uncle and decided to obey. Backpack with Glasan · Pet Bottle · Light Food · Having holding binoculars, wooden bats, flashlights, etc., I went into the backyard. It was my uncle's idea that I wanted to do something before it got dark. Can you endure your eye gaze? Although it is not over the telescope but glasan, Can you endure your eye at hand? Various anxiety ran through my head. Even saying the mountains is pretty expansive. While making full use of the binoculars, I looked for Heights. As my uncle says, he will have moved with our goal, It is an idea that it will be cold one day. It is dangerous for the sun to dwell too deeply, so I went about 500 meters from the lodge, I decided to ambush in a slightly opened place. "I only have to divert interests, even my interest ..." "how?" "In my opinion, you must first approach the eye, but do not look directly in the direction. Look obliquely. Do you know what he is saying? Remove your eyes and catch the place outside the gaze. And then, I will buy a senpa. If it still does not work ... Is it good? Seriously? Show us our dick. " "Huh?" "Do not stare, you dislike unclean things, man excretes, genitals ... So, I will not kill, but if we were able to get away with it, we think we will be saved. " "... If it still is not good?" "... There is no choice but to escape. I and my uncle were sitting on the rock and waiting waiting for unspeakable fear and anxiety. While watching the binoculars by turns. The time was around 4 o'clock.
"Brother, get up." I heard the voice of my younger brother under 1 year old who died in the accident when I was 10 years old. "Onii-chan, get up, I will be late for school" Noisy. Let go down for 3 more minutes. "My brother, if I do not get up I will die!" Happy. Were sleeping? Is it? In impossible, in that fear and tension. Were you sleeping? Is it? I see a later uncle. Are sleeping. Hurry up. My uncle, I will jump. Watch the wristwatch, half past five. The neighborhood is almost dark. Cold sweat flows. "00, can you hear it?" "Huh?" "Voice ... song?" When I concentrate my nerves and listen to my ears, I can hear a voice from the bush. It gradually approaches here. Singing songs like folk songs, I do not know what they are saying, but eerily high voice. My head seemed to be somehow managed by fear. Just by listening to the voice, everything in the world comes to be disgusting. "Let only the feet light!" My uncle cried, I tried to come out, I shone the bottom of the bush with a flashlight. I could see my leg. There is no hair and it is strangely white. While approaching the whole body, it approaches. What a creepy thing about that song! It is! For a moment my thought ceased.
"Aaah !!" "H !!" He was sitting down and becoming all fours, I brought a face to the position of the light of a flashlight that shines on my feet. I looked straight. The same emotions as daytime hit. I want to die I want to die I want to die! If you see such a face, you better die. It is! My uncle also turned over the PET bottle and cried crying. The fallen light illuminates the body of the guy. While singing a horrible song I do not understand, It's all fours and comes close to us like a new born horse. Rusty sickle on your right. At that time I thought that even if I was biting tongue biting, "Pluruluru" My uncle's cell phone rang. My uncle who had been crying became like an empty state for some reason, Take out the phone from the down pocket and watch. What are you doing at such time ... I think I will die soon ... I thought, In the darkness, I was staring at my uncle astray. The cell phone is still ringing. Pullru. My uncle is staring at the cell phone. He came to me. I was incontinent with fear. die. At that time, my uncle raised a terrible roar, picked up the flashlight that fell to the ground, I quickly applied to my source and took my PET bottle. "Do not look at me! Because you shine the face of the guy, close your eyes!" I was crazy rolling on the ground, Glasin slid down, I closed my head and closed my eyes. From here I will talk to my uncle later. First of all, I shoot the face of a guy and look at the position outside the line of sight. A little dirty story, but I put a mouth on my PET bottle, including the soup in the mouth, While lighting the face of the guy with the light, In the moment of crouching on the face of a guy, he closes his eyes. It blows like a fog. I heard a scream like a crawfish of a horse 's horse. Even in the mouth, blows. To blow. In the eyes of a guy. In eye.
I heard the scream of the guy a bit higher than before. But he is still there! It is! An impatient uncle took off both trousers and underwear and seemed to light his crotch with a light. Perhaps the guy saw it. I do not know the words, He threw a word of grudge like a tremendous curse and turned his back all the way. I was raising my face from there. My uncle's light shines on his back. As for what he was frightened, even when he got out, Singing a creepy song, twinkling, slowly moving slowly! It is! It is like walking speed of an elderly old man who stuck with it! It is! We stared at the back with a light and gazed at it till it was out of sight. While enduring the fear that you do not know when to look back ... The time of pain and fear that seemed eternity passed, and eventually his appearance disappeared into darkness. We walked silently without any conversation until we returned to the lodge. As I entered, my uncle confirmed the door lock of all the doors and put in coffee. I finally open my mouth while drinking. "Well, my uncle says, was that interesting?" "Wow ... probably ... Indeed, the dick has been miserably shrunk," A bitter uncle. Eventually, he started talking about dangerous things as a doll ...
My uncle often goes abroad on a business career, ship. I can not say detailed things, but it is a so-called engineer. One day my uncle stayed in a certain town in the Northern Europe. A man from a technical colleague who can make interpreters who became friends in the field, They say that they show interesting things. My uncle was taken to an unpopular alley. I think that it is kind of a strip or something, I passed through a dirty little house behind the alley. My uncle was surprised entering inside. The appearance is shabby, but inside the house was completely different. A carpet that you can see as luxury at a glance. A pot. A kind of precious metal ... There is also a fragrance smelling burning. While my uncle was stolen without knowing the reason, I passed through a small room in the back. There was a man in his 60s sitting there while the candle was lighting. Just being strange was wearing sunglasses even though it was in the house at night. According to the local man, he says that he has "scornfulness". Erosion (shigeru) is one of the world's widely distributed folklore and superstition, By staring at your opponent with malice, It is said that it is possible to curse the targeted victim. It is also said to be evil eye (evil eye), evil eye (potato), evil eye (crochet). Depending on the power of evil, people become sick and weakened, eventually they even die. My uncle was listening to the explanation with half teasing. Whether this man is also such kind of magician / magician. The man sitting down to the local man. As a man says it does not believe it, let me try experiencing a little power. My uncle thought that this was also a fun time and agreed. Also a man ears to a local man. A man says, "I will bind you from now, the reason you do not misunderstand is that my power is strong. You will run rampage. I stare your eyes with my eyes for just a moment. That's all I do. "
My uncle probably thought that he was doing a terrible work of something. It may be that the eyes are really ugly crushed and it may be a color contact. Or, like incense, something like a dazzling agent ... and so on. There was resistance to being bound, Friend's local man was also a trustworthy person, he responded. A man approaches his uncle who is tied to the chair. My friend is turning backwards. Quietly remove the sunglasses. I overlook my uncle. "Really, it was like when we saw Today's guy" My uncle muttered by putting coffee on the table. "At the moment I saw it, I wanted to die, my eyes are nothing like normal eyes. Anyway, I hate everything in the world. It was only 1-2 seconds that I was stared. I think that it is not such a talk of level, such as implication or hypnosis. " A friend tells me that the evil man will also kill if even gold is piled up. I heard that it is also used for the conflict of local Mafias. About a week ago when my uncle was supposed to return home, the man of distress died. He said that he was obliterated by crushing the members of his organization and working. The man was tied to a chair in a whore hut and was dead. It says that excrement was wrapped around the floor. The man said he torn the rope with terrible power, hollowed out his own eyeball and was dying.
"As I said earlier, the stigma hates unclean things, were they covered with dirt, were they showed up on strips or sexual acts?" I was listening to the story without the ambition to emit a single word. I wonder if the monster just before is the owner of the evil spirit. My uncle continued as if I had read my idea. "I do not know if he was a real monster or a man who was brought up like that. However, it seemed useless that he was useless just to escape ... So I faced up with death. Kappa does not like human spitting, either. Unexpectedly, than sorry or charm, Human body may be more useful for things like that " While I heard the story, I remembered my brother's dream and talked. I guess my brother helped me ... and. I was crying. My uncle questioned himself solemnly, silently for a minute or so, and then opened her mouth. "There might be something like that ... 00 was firmer than you. Do you remember my ringing phone? Well, that's from her broken up. But, in the vicinity of this mountain, I can not get through the cell phone. Look. I do not have a single antenna now, do you? So, there may be things like that ... Let's go downhill now and return. I will sell this lodge. I want to call her as soon as possible. " My uncle laughed hard and started drinking coffee and standing up.
Oh, good work after a long absence. You are.
Baby voice
The story of last week. When I played in the middle of the night, I got mobile. But it was in a state I could not take my hand "Well well answering machine is turned on ..." I thought I left it. However, I'm nothing but I got into the game and I forgot about that. So, before I got to bed I noticed that as I tried to set up a mobile alarm clock. I thought as "Wow and you" and as for the incoming history, "Not notification setting" But I had a good answer record left so I asked. Was it around 3 o'clock in the morning? "..." Is not it silent? But since I feel like I can hear it, I raised the volume and tried again. "... · · · · · · · · Oka ~ gy · · · · ·" It was frightening. What I remained was the voice of a baby with a delicate girl. You who read this. In sentences this fear will not be transmitted Want to hear the voice of a baby from your cell phone alone by midnight "Kuru" is not it? I hurriedly thrown away, but there it is, I am also a resident of this board. I asked one more time. Content is the same (commonplace?) Baby cries. It continued until it got word answering machine. By swearing but never sowed seeds on this October 10th (Mr. Nakada has not done it) I got scared as much as I got a taste salt from the kitchen and sprinkle it on my cell phone (It was Naisho that I first applied "Ajinomoto" by mistake.) So now with a sense of relief I got into the futon. next morning. I thought with a calm head. I wonder what the hell was yesterday. Possibility is high as a possibility. Well that kind of elaborate mischief I have no friends, so I tried it from another angle. "Mobile phone redial function" It seems like this is not it? Coincidentally, a brat has choked a person 's cell phone and pushed the redial function. ... It seems likely.
I called the friend acquaintance with a child quickly. ... "Did you call me yesterday?" Originally I do not dislike the phone I do not know anyone who knows my number, As there were only a few people, the results came out quickly. ... Applicant "0" Next, I was told, "who made a call from me", "who knows my cell phone number" I telephoned from a crime. · · The result is the same. Applicant "0" Since I came here, I felt stuck in the investigation method (I got bored) Well I thought about talking to occasional acquaintances and making it to the end. A friend tells a word by talking silently. Tomo: "Hey you, did not you really get it?" I: "Nothing" Friend: "... but ... you do not mind, I think that I am sure that I should get it." I: "Why is that?" Friend: "I wonder if you have noticed. In a strange place of that story ..." me:"???" Friend: "You say clearly by yourself," Girls' babies "" Friend: "You are angry, just listen to the baby's voice" Friend: "Do you understand gender?" ... O Oo, it was horrified. Oh yea why, I just heard that voice, "Girls" Did you make it out? It is strange, is not it? There is no difference between men and women like a baby 's voice? Because I am "girl" did you understand? Is it? ... It was a bad story. Since then, I sleeping on the cell phone at night. Also, if there is an incoming call from non notification, I do not know ...
If you have a little long relationship. A and B, two young people were driving. It hit the shadow which appeared in front of suddenly. "Oh, crap! Two people get off the car in a hurry. "Wow ~. I hear moaning. It seems to have hit the person apparently.But the two felt a strange feeling similar to relief. The hit was a bit of a funny-headed tramp in the city where they lived. From two young people, he is like a roadside cat. "Oh, this is him! "Ah, the old man! The two were going to leave the car while laughing, etc.
At a later date. A living alone was drinking alcohol with her at home. We also took up the evening and the next day I went to the entrance where I had a use at home, the sake was coming around and I was comfortable, and the cell phone rings when I thought that I should go to bed. B. B "Hey! A! Where are you now?!" Even remember frustrating at the moment when you were excited, A grimly answers. A "Ah! I'm home, home, when I go to bed, what kind of place is it !?" Below, the story of B. Similarly living alone in the same town as B. I entered the bed to sleep at home, and when consciousness faded, I awoke by the sound of hitting the door. "Don Dong Dong! ... Okay ... just open up for A ~" It seems that B has memorized even a little anger in A that makes noises coming without contact at such time. Gently raise the heavy waist and quietly approach the door. It is because I thought to make anger appealing to an insane friend at midnight by opening the door suddenly. "Don Dong Dong! ... Okay ... just open up for A ~" This drunkard is bad. Sneak up in front of the door and look into the scope for confirmation of the position. So B solidified. What I was there was a vagrant of example, holding a tape recorder that sounded A's voice and hitting the door with a bat. B could not make a voice, he could not keep an eye on the scope, he just stood. After a while, the vagainr stopped the recorder and he said that he mumbled and said, "This is not here."
A "Yes Yes, scary scary ..." There are also liquors, and unhappy A does not seriously listen to the story. B "Stupid, not a lie! Say he's not here" ... Pingpong. The intercom of A's house rang. A "Oh, did she even forget it? OK, B, that story is tomorrow again! Good night!" B "Wait! Do not cut!" Pi. Call me halfway forcibly. Pingpong. Voice at the same time as the interphone again. "Hey, A !!" A "Yeah yeah! Open now ~ ······················" Pingpong. "Hey, A !!" There is a voice when B calls A grumpy from outside. For a moment, A's thinking stops. How many seconds did he stand? Then, the sound of hitting the door and the laughter without hearing sounded. "Ganggangan !, Arigato rugaru"
A story I heard from a mountain father
When I was still living with 300,000,000 brothers in my father's ball bag, my father enjoyed climbing Akiyama with two mountain buddies. The weather is good, and it seems to have climbed smoothly while singing "Song of Mountain" and leisurely.However, it suddenly began to gas from around noon. As it is, it has rained in an instant like ' maiden heart and the sky of the mountain '. The father of the self-proclaimed veteran was wearing a yakke from the gas area, so there was no problem, when I walk at the pace as it is, one of my companions (tentatively Mr. Higuchi) is "...The Mutter Shi. When I touch the forehead, it is very hot. And the face is blue. This is bad. I finally reached the hut with a feeling of lending my shoulder to Mr. Higuchi.It took three hours already at that time. Mr. Higuchi's complexion has already become earthy, and I wanted to lay it on the side early. However, the bad thing overlaps, and the hut is already full. People were overflowing in the hallway. Father "Please sleep at least higuchi alone" management of the Mountain lodge "I'm sorry.         If you are a healthy person, you can force stay. That's what you're taking... Father "is still OK!! Thank you!! Management of the Lodge "I understand. here... " The father was anticlimactic to see the room that was guided as it was.
There were only four people, including their fathers, in their dark, odor-smelling octopus room. One of the guests was sleeping behind at the edge of the room. And it smells a bit different from mold moldy smell. (What a waste of time in such a room? There are so many people there. My father felt doubtful, but first of all if he was a fellow's assistant, boiling water with Kochel, I made hot hot cooking and let Mr. Higuchi eat. At the same time my father finished supper and at around 7 o'clock I wrapped up in Shuraf with Mr. Higuchi in the middle. Then how long did it pass? I can not get to sleep. Funny. Even though I sleep like muds as usual ... "Hey ... bear (the nickname of my dad) Are you awake?" Another man muttered with a boss. My father "Oh, I can not sleep somewhere, are you also?" Fellow "Oh ... this room than that." Father "Somehow, it's weird, even though the other room is crowded with a mountain man" Fellow "Before that, the bulletin board in front of the hut, I saw it along the toilet." I can not get acquainted with my father's back. The cold air struck. Fellow "Eight people missing, one dead person was written." I have heard of it. There is a room equivalent to the hunger 's spirit room in a part of the hut. The guests who are sleeping in a futon that is about four mattress away. The identity of this smell is. "I'm going to bed." My father thrusts Shuraf to his head and closes his eyes. The next morning, the other guests carried the other mountain owner on the descending mountain and the top of the climb as they saw less frequent times. It seems that it will descend at the rescue team's helicopter. Mr. Higuchi also regained its energy on the next day and surprised the manager of the hut. However, according to Mr. Higuchi, that day, there seemed to be a cold hand that frequently touched his forehead suffering from heat. Mr. Higuchi "Why, there is no bad guy in the mountain man, I guess I was descending in a helicopter without that hand" I'm sorry for the long sentence of thread dirt.
Good story.
This is the story of the Black Cat last winter. At that time, she lived with her mother and had a black cat. This black cat was very cute, and I went into the Kotatsu, and when I was a PC, I always rode on my knees and was very pretty. As usual, the cat came to the night when I had to kill time on the PC. Because I was absorbed in the PC, although I felt the sign, I did not release my eyes from the monitor without confirming the appearance. It seemed to be around behind me, and it should to my hips, and gradually moved to the knees. (Again, it's heavy...), etc., I thought some uncomfortable, but because it is still a cute domestic cat, I decided to put up the heavy and let it be on the knees as it is. When I do not have a personal computer, I am still hooked on my PC and I am glued to the monitor, and of course both hands are operating the keyboard and mouse. After a while... "Nyao" and the voice of the cat. Eh? When I turned around the voice, a black cat was sitting in the corner of the room. However, there is still a sense that there is something on the knee. Something other than a black cat. I saw something on my lap for the first time here. It was a raw warm, man's head. It was covered with black hair, wide open eyes and saw here. There's nothing down the neck, just the head...


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