Wednesday, December 28, 2016

【Quick News】 FF15 First week 69 historical big explosive death from FF 13 about -1 million decrease FF brand end
Good work for 30 years.
Post drive
Rot girls are bad paying
First of all I think I do not have PS4
They are the people who finish the disc with DVD instead of BD
You can not beat it if you swag like those
I do not understand the difference between these two playstations 2 and 4
FF series in Japan
FF7 first week 2020000 this total 3280000
FF8 first week 2500000 book total 3690000
FF9 1950000 this first week total 2820000
FF10 1750000 this first week total 2350000 + about 300000 book (international version)
FF12 1840000 this first week total 2320000 + approximately 130000 (international version)
FF13's first week 1510000 book 1930000 total (combined with ultimate hits version)
FF15 first week 690000 book
I can not imagine that shock exceeding honest cup noodle end can be enjoyed by playing main part normally
Thinking about the initial rate of movement Million doubtful?
The guy who thinks that remake of FF 7 will go to million in this situation
I understood what it was considerably congratulating.
Believers talk about 2 million in spite
Too much selling FF8 awesome
I've never played FF7 is interested
But I don't have a PS4
Followers have shipped exactly the number they sold and believe it is the first week overseas sales
It's the final one million FF3 remake made by scattered frustration and put out by DS
Do you understand this meaning?
Hey, he's lost a lot of opportunity but ...
Used was sold at a higher price than regular price on the release date ...
Poverty I do not have PS4
I might be honestly buying it
I will not buy it even though I got PS5
I'm afraid that the game will be of a form to play only when it is old
Even I do not even know what is different between PS 3 and 4
The reason why I do not buy may be there
First of all, there is no game that I want to do
FF has cleared all 13 series and FF 14 has also cleared and cleared
Honestly both were subtle
The FF 13 series was a good level even with the lowest evaluation compared with the FF
FF 14 was also a shit compared with FF 11
Should I do it until I bought PS 4? It is no if it is said
I might have bought it if I was working as a regular employee and got about 1,000,000 won bonuses
Actually I am poor at part-time workers, so I feel like buying them
The FF of the world has fallen
With a low rating of 13 it would have had a different future as long as cutting off the Nomrush Route and issuing 15 at the latest within 5 years
A reasonable degree of contraction
The domestic CS market is already dead
I have no choice but to work hard at overseas games
Official website www
Besides, because the official scenario part was poorly depicted, we announced that we will add an event
The layer I was planning to buy will also be refrained from buying until the finished version of the scenario is released, so it will not grow at all after the second week
It will be updated with a patch
I was talking about years ago
I do not understand why it is off-line
I should have bought 15 and 16 online for FF
Then I bought it even though PS4 was reserved
FF 13 series Pleased to buy PS 4 with those who cleared
FF 15 If you are told that there are a lot of people to buy, would not it
I'm sorry but I will play after 5 years
I do not dislike Japanese as ones and I do not have to do it because the Japanese people doing it is only bad
What I dislike on go
I was watching videos of games recently in the 80's and 90's
I understand why
I guess there will be no more enthusiasm for making funny games like that time
Does not from Seoul series sequel?
I feel that the end of the game industry has come
Konami who is trying to relax on Soshage is right
I understand that I can be beaten if I put out such a host with the Oraora system, so I know it will be negligible
That's right Red XIII, Barrett, Wacker or Kimari is a host
I do not understand the drawing of the neighborhood
It is OK for the protagonists and Las Bos to be a thin line host and Chara guy, all the PTs are out?
I think both are similar albums
I'm playing from the computer's wizardry
It is as an uncle
Of course I've been playing FF, too
It is no wonder you can not afford to buy a boring FF that's already made by an oysters
In old days, since the old man was a child, I could enjoy purely the game made by adults
Now I already have less game experience gigs than my uncle, so it's not funny
I'm sorry but let me tell you about that.
Honest people who are born in the 1980s are too rich in games and can not do all of them
If you major in programming, programming itself also has to spend considerable time
If you do not have any games, you can not get jobs straight
How do foreigners, especially Westerners, think of that host
If anything it is an image of an Asian favorite handsome guy
If the graphics are beautiful and it's real it's going to be a bit more mashy characters and directing
It is impossible to be too childish
Actual game graphics take care good enough?
There is nothing to appeal the open world
The car is also a shit
It is crazy from the stage of game design
From FF7 have been bought in a brand new I was waiting for evaluation this time
I can not sell anywhere else
I thought about 4 hosts or something and made a party called Oh!
Even if you lie at least 2 people if you put in a female character about it would have sold even the first time
I want to know the first week of 1 to 6, but does not it include data?
As expected it is winning the first week of 1 to 3? Does not it whether it is losing?
The first week I do not know the final sales number only
1 520000
2 760000
3 1400000
4 1440000
5 2450000
6 2550000
It seems that it is selling truly better than 1 or 2
But I can not win domestic sales for 5 and 6 I do not know if I can also add overseas
I thought it was selling so much despite the price of 6 or 10,000 yen or more, it was quite fallen
It is affordable and affordable at around 3000 yen
Try out FF with contents that you can play around for about 10 hours
You can sell it without afford if you do not stick to such a video in vain
Aho works like this of explosion, I wonder if it is a gag that I spent ten years w
There are a lot of people on the smartphone
About 10 years later without joking, even if it is passed through either Persona or Tales it is getting worse soon
It's a joke that can not be laughed even if a joke has not been pulled out
Hell is next 16
13 did not sell with a damn kingdom so 16 can not be sold further after the damn kings like 15
Fully negative spiral
The number of worldwide sales of the PS4 main body has surpassed 50 million units


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