Sunday, September 4, 2016

White Hairstreak

Type: Gossamer Wings
English Name: White Hairstreak
Scientific Name: Strymon albata
Description: ⅞-1⅛” (22-28 mm). Largely white above with brown tip and base; large black stigma on male. Below, tan within and whitish outside dark postmedian line, with vague dark markings in white areas and small black and orange spot near tail.
Similar Species: No other S. Texan hairstreak has heavy white scaling.
Life Cycle: Host plant in Mexico is Indian mallow (Abutilon incanum).
Flight Habitat: Summer and fall in U.S. Forest edges and second growth in tropical dry forest; scrub country around watercourses.
Range: Costa Rica straying north to S. Texas.

Only on very rare occasions has the White Hairstreak been seen north of Mexico. Adults take nectar from cordias and caesarias.


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